It’s been too long

Work with my Music and life in general being busy have meant that I have hardly picked up my camera in the last 6 months…I am even now seriously thinking it is time to sell all the film cameras I have gathering dust…it has always been a hobby and never something I intended to try and develop (ahem) and like all things it can get a tad rusty if you don’t use it…I will keep a camera and it might be possible be able to upgrade if I get a decent amount for the film stock…we’ll see….One thing I have dabbled with a little is using my smartphone camera more…’s a selection of shots taken in the time I have not been using a dslr.

snow tree wiston

Tarantellas @ Drum Camp 2014

Just back this weekend past from Drum Camp, a festival of Rhythm. Unusually for me it was work of a Photographic kind that brought me there. My partner, Mrs Dear dances with a group called the Tarantellas and this was their inaugural performance.

I was given a backstage pass and access all areas including their workshops. I have over 300 shots.

Here are a few to whet the appetite.

alan bodhran

Anne on drum

band shot

Boots and Drum





filo guitar

filo singing


nessa dancing



Festy Boots