Mull and Iona Winter 2015



Drum Trek: the beginnings


Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

A recent visit to Chinatown, Singapore led me to this fascinating Temple and Museum. Here a a few of my favourite shots.  

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Just a couple of tasters from my trip to Singapore. More to follow.

Tarantellas @ Drum Camp 2014

Just back this weekend past from Drum Camp, a festival of Rhythm. Unusually for me it was work of a Photographic kind that brought me there. My partner, Mrs Dear dances with a… Continue reading

Malaysia…a snippet

Walkabout at Wiston

A couple of morning walks recently here in South Lanarkshire threw up some invitations to shoot.No Photoshop currently and I have noticed dust specks on these but hey ho…time to clean sensor methinks.Hope… Continue reading

Cornish Sea

Just back from a few days in Cornwall where I witnessed some wonderful seas in wonderful light. Here are a few shots I have edited and added my own particular signature to. Hope… Continue reading