After a recent work stint in Kuala Lumpur I had the opportunity to visit Borneo. Here’s a collection of shots from my time on this most beautiful of Islands. Enjoy.


India 108

My Gallery of my favourite shots from India has 108 photos in it. The number 108 is significant for many cultures and many reasons. For example, there are said to be 108 energy lines, or nadis, converging to form the heart chakra. Marma points are like Chakras, or intersection of energy, with fewer converging energy lines. On Sri Yantra, the Marmas have 54 intersecting energy lines where three lines intersect. Each has feminine, or shakti, and masculine, or Shiva, qualities. 54 X 2 = 108. Therefore there are 108 points that define the human body and the Sri Yantra or the Yantra of Creation. The same rule is observed in the Sanskrit language, with its 54 letters, both representing the two genders and they are also called Shiva and Shakti respectively; again, 54 X 2= 108.

For an in depth exploration of the significance of the number 108 check this blog

If you just want to look at the pictures, here they are 😉 What a trip ❤

Cornish Sea

Just back from a few days in Cornwall where I witnessed some wonderful seas in wonderful light. Here are a few shots I have edited and added my own particular signature to.
Hope you enjoy these. Probably my last post for 2013.
Thank You for following my photo blog.

All the best for the coming year to you ALL wherever you may be.

Paul x

Golden Wave

Rollin Wave

Wave and Sky

White Horses

50 shots/46

Derwent Water, Lake District,England.

After a very difficult night sleeping in the car with temperatures at -15, (It’s a long story) I awoke to a beautiful day. I took a lot of photos of the dawn and more as the morning developed. This one takes some beating.