The Highlands



Greek balcony

Pentax K20D

On the Greek island of Kalimnos just north of Kos, there are a multitude of photographic opportunities.On my last visit there I was intrigued by the simplicity of the housing and the exquisite colourings and contrasts.

Balcony in blue

Senegalese flower

Pentax Me Super, Fuji Superia film stock

During a stay in Abene, Senegal I was amazed by the variety of flora on display. Lots of bright and beautiful flowers but this bud surrounded by brown leaves caught my eye and lent itself to a nice composition.



Pentax K20D, Texture added.

A solitary tree on the Isle of Tiree Or is it?
Closer inspection shows 3 trees in one or tree trees as my Mother and Father (Dubliners) would say.
For me it was a Holy Trinitree 😉
I used texture again here because I wanted this to have the feel of a painting.