Rock. No Roll.

One day whilst beach combing in Cornwall…when I say beach combing I really mean looking for a new photographic inspiration…. I found the most beautiful white granite rock…It just jumped out of a collection of similar white granite stones at me and said photograph me…so I did…in a few different locations. Here are some of those shots of the rock.

Zen Rock

single rock


Nan Jizal

Pentax K20D

Somehwere on the West Penwith coast is a small bay called Nan Jizal. It’s magical. It’s different every time I go. The sea sculpts out new lines and curves, dumps new rock and takes away old. Just off the path down to the beach is a small waterfall that cascades finally onto the sand and rock. From a precarious perch I took this shot. The oval white rock to the left was placed there. Watch out for it in other pictures of mine.

Nan Jizal