Hoar Frost

Doing some old negative searches and found these two beauties.



Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost, West Yorkshire

Abstract concept

Pentax K20D

During my recent visit to Bolton Abbey I managed to catch a nice shot of trees in the dying sunlight. Nothing spectacular but pleasing to my eye. As I was taking the shot, an idea occurred to me for an abstract version of the same ( something I’ll have read about along the way no doubt and not in the least bit ‘original thought’)

I closed the aperture 3 or 4 stops and panned slowly downwards to create movement. Something like a 1.5 second exposure.

abstract web

For some excellent examples of the use of this technique visit this posting at the wonderful blog draw and shoot

Seathrift in the wind

On a wild an windy day on the Isle of Tiree I took a long walk along a stretch of coast. There was plenty to see and shoot but what really caught my eye was a clump ( if that’s the right word) of Seathrift waving in the wind as I sat and ate my lunch. I wanted to capture the sense of movement and so used a slow shutter speed and balanced the camera on a rock for stability.


Cherry Blossom

Pentax Me Super, Fuji Superia film stock

Across the road from my house, on a piece of common ground we call the Delph, is an old tree. It blossoms annually but it’s never the same.This shot was taken a number of years ago on a beautiful blue sky day when the tree was at it’s best.

cherry blossom

Golden Beech

Pentax K20D

One of my favourite places to walk is the woodland at Hardcastle Crags which is within walking distance of my front door here in Hebden Bridge. There are living there, some magnificent and I assume very old Beech trees.
In the autumn months they come to life and sing their beautiful Beech song.


Senegalese flower

Pentax Me Super, Fuji Superia film stock

During a stay in Abene, Senegal I was amazed by the variety of flora on display. Lots of bright and beautiful flowers but this bud surrounded by brown leaves caught my eye and lent itself to a nice composition.