Hoar Frost

Doing some old negative searches and found these two beauties.



Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost, West Yorkshire

Ghost Self

Midnight at Balevullin (or Bail’ a’ Mhuilinn) beach on the Isle of Tiree. Tripod and camera set to shoot a 60 sec exposure.
I walked into the frame, stood still for about 12 secs and then walked out again. This was the result.

self 5

Pedn Vounder

Pentax Me Super, Fuji Velvia Film Stock.

Just a short walk down the hill from Treen Farm Campsite or along the coast from Porthcurno lies the simply outstanding beach of Pedn Vounder. At it’s northern tip can be seen the well know Logan’s Rock, a typical Cornish Loggan. The beach itself is just breathtaking, a wonderful place to sunbathe or swim ( if you don’t mind seeing a bit of nudity…this beach has over the years I have visited, become popular with a small group of nudists). During a weekend of workshops with Guy Edwardes we visited the beach early in the morning to capture these views.



Calderdale Barn

Pentax Me Super, Tmax 100 film stock

Up on the moors outside of Hebden Bridge sits this barn at an unusual angle. I chose to shoot with a wide angle (18mm) from a low POV to emphasise the tilt.
The cloud was a bonus and seems to sweep in from the left and follow the line up and over the barn.
I had gone out with black and white film stock in the Pentax and thought this was the perfect subject.


Bath with a view!

Pentax Me Super, Fuji Superia Film

A winters walk up and away from Hebden Bridge towards Stoodley Pike I found myself strolling along a familiar pathway in the snow. Finding old baths lying around is not that unusual here in West Yorkshire as many a farmer uses them to water sheep or cattle. However there was someting very striking about this particular one. A small moon was rising behind it, vapour trails rose upwards from the snow covered ground. Wide angle, low down to the floor with the bath centre stage (breaking the rule of thirds!) was the shot that worked best for me. Not perfect but there is a quality about it that appeals to my eye.


Dawn over Skiddaw

Mamiya 645 Super, Velvia film stock.

I had spent the night sleeping in my car on the side of Derwentwater in below freezing temperatures of -15 degrees (Another story!) I was glad of the suns rays on the car in the dawn light and made my way around the lake taking a variety of shots.

During a break to warm my hands I looked across to Skiddaw and saw this wonderful light falling on it.The foreground was in deep shadow and given the equipment I had with me I shot for a crop which I think works quite well.


The Howgills.

Mamiya 645 Super, Velvia film stock

A day spent in the The Howgill Fells walking and taking photographs was one of the most enjoyable I have had in many a year. I could see what I wanted to shoot but didn’t have a vantage point and not knowing the area well took a punt. I got back to my car and headed in the general direction, racing (carefully!) against the falling sun.

I wound my way around small lanes following my instincts until I found a spot to park, hopped over a gate, walked 200 yds and got this shot.



Dunstaburgh Castle

Mamiya 645 Super, Fuji Velvia

A romantic weekend away with my wife. Nothing to do but stroll together along the beautiful North Yorkshire coast and enjoy each others company…nothing that is except for the odd photo or two 😉 As we approached the site of Dunstaburgh Castle it was clear that the sea had churned up some very white and frothy foam. Fortunately I had my tripod to hand (I know…what a giveaway…she had noticed it too) and an ND Ten Stop filter.
My lovely, patient wife sat herself down to take in the view whilst I ‘waited’ for my shot.
I,and she, both think it was worth it.

Dunstaburgh Castle

Gormley Statue

Mamiya 645 Super, Fuji Velvia

Crosby Sands in Sefton is the site for Antony Gormley’s Another Place an art installation on the beach. It’s a hugely wild and windy place and a fabulous spot for Photography. The sand was whipping itself across the surface, giving the impression that the ground was moving. The sky was cloudy enough to pick up some movement too. Using a tripod and ND filter I tried to catch a sense of the movement and positioning the Gormley figure to the left, split the screen between sky and earth.

Crosby Sands


Mamiya C330, Fuji Nepan acros film stock

Holidaying in Cornwall I took a series of pictures of friends, family and their children.This is for me the outstanding shot and the only picture of mine to have won recognition.

This shot features on the website “The International Analogue Photographic Society”

January 2011.