Paul John Dear

76303_103139659757364_102566839814646_23143_1600889_nI am a hobby photographer shooting for the sheer pleasure of it.

Originally from Manchester I have lived in Wales, Hebden Bridge and am now resident in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. All of these places have granted me access to beautiful countryside and I hope my love of such is reflected in the images posted here. I like folk too and so there are portraits here and there. Over the years I have worked with 35 mm film, medium format film and more recently ventured into shooting dslr cameras, namely Pentax K20D and now K7. Enjoy your stay and feel free to drop me a comment and let me know if anything you see here would look nice on your wall 😉


3 thoughts on “Paul John Dear

  1. Hello Paul,
    Impressive amount of pictures(the time-lapse of the mist on the rocks)A very mystic picture(time-lapse shows life-forms working at differing speeds) One of My Favourite photo styles.
    Psilocybin mushrooms(Magic Mushrooms) have been found to contain DMT-9. The same Molecule in a slightly differing structure of the DMT found in Ayahuasca.It has recently been found in the brain(DMT)
    I Read some of your poems. I cannot go back to give you the name as my reply will be cut.It was poems with a rhythm of three, not bad.
    Jean is a surprisingly good photographer.
    Nice to see a lot of creative content.
    As I said the god’s delivered it to me Randomly.
    So I hope you receive this hello.(In a mindful state)
    Yours with Friendship.
    (I will Always be mindful-As A Guest)
    I have some very old rice paper art and calligraphy (1772) Of interest, I can show you, you may be able to find a translator(it was found in a skip, from a collector)(Moukuri—Modern day Bangladesh)
    your brother.x

  2. Hey Neil. So good to hear from you. I saw Jo in Cornwall and suggested we get together…the four kids…been a while. Glad you like the photos and poems. I would love to see the rice paper art/calligraphy.

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