Lakeland Magic

In a wee break from the 50 shots series ( back tomorrow folks), I just wanted to throw up some shots from a recent trip into a quieter corner of the English Lake District.

This is Haweswater.

As I hope you will agree, it is a very beautiful spot.

Across Haweswater web

Berries web

Crocodile Tree web

Dancing Ferns web

Door Imp web

End of the Lake web

Fellside Sun web

Garden Plant web



gold treetops web


Green Hills of Haweswater web

Hawes water Hillside web

Hotel web

Leaf Layers web

reflected tree web

Spike web

Spiky Tree web

Standing Stones web

Stegotree web

Two Fells web

Two Lakes web

Water Corner web

Water Flows web

Water Lines web

Waterfall Hillside web

Watery tree web


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