50 shots/5

This was one of my first attempts at night-time photography. I had read a few paragraphs of Michael Langford’s excellent handbook on 35mm photography and I was keen to have a go. I loaded up my trusted Pentax Me Super with Black and White film stock and set off for Albert Dock in Liverpool.

As it was, and very often still is, my enthusiasm outweighed my preparation and I arrived at the location without a tripod. Improvisation was called for and so I used a dustbin to balance the camera on, much like the one in the foreground of the shot.

I was delighted with the results of the shoot and I was careful to bracket exposures 3 stops either side of what I thought was the correct exposure time. It still remains one of my faves because it has atmosphere and because it symbolises a successful challenge overcome without the correct tools.

This is an old web sized version of an original scan and I can’t find either the original scanned file or the original negatives and so it’s low quality. I’ll keep digging and if I find better will replace.

Albert Dock

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