50 Shots/1

As you may know from my last blog I just passed 50. It has been a reflective time for me of late and so in keeping with that theme I am going to run a wee series here. My 50 favourite shots, one’s that I took that is. One for each year I have been alive. It’ll be nice to trawl through old film scans, actual photographs ( I have bundles of them) and negatives as well as newer digital files, reminding me of my own photographic journey over the years. I’ll do my best to make this a daily post and hopefully gather a bit of momentum for the blog. Having said that, and knowing me the way I do, there’ll be days when I don’t 😉

I hope you enjoy.

My first picture is a film scan and judging by the children’s ages, was taken some 18 years ago using my trusted Pentax Me Super and a roll of Kodak Tri-X. I like this shot because it really catches my wife and the children as their playful selves, which they were a lot and Black and White film always has a realistic quality to it. ( Messed up the scan along the top a little)


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