Work has suddenly become very busy and so time out with the camera has suffered.

I did manage to get a few shots off on a recent trip to Scotland and on the return home.

Bluebells Web

Fallen Tree web

Pendle 1 web

Pendle Hill Web

Water web


8 responses to “Bluebells

    • Work/Play balance is very challenging for me…I can have all work and no play or all play with no work but rarely both in balance 😉

    • Thanks. The editing was done with the idea of Magic in mind so I am glad you can see that.

  1. Thanks Mike…I am using a basic version of Photomatix and this shot is my attempt at ‘realsim’ I’m pretty happy with it. Might have to go Pro Version soon.

  2. I was wondering where you had got to, Paul – I keep stopping by to see if another Challenge is imminent.

    Lovely images, as always.

    Beautiful bluebells – ours are just beginning to bloom at last. That hill looks more Yorkshire than Scots – is it Ingleborough?

  3. Hi Beth
    Well spotted…almost…The picture is of Pendle Hill, in Lancashire, a place full of folk-lore and I shot it on the way back from Scotland. I am hoping to begin another challenge soon ..busy busy busy with drumming, which is good…maybe I can squeeze in a challenge whilst I am on the road.

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