Paul’s Photography Challenge: Water

I wanted to try something a little different with the Water theme. I shot a series of pictures from a fixed spot with the camera on a Tripod, attempting to freeze the water in motion with a very fast shutter speed.

Once I had uploaded the shots I had an idea that linking them together as an animation might work.

Below are the original 12 shots, followed by the Gif I created.


ani 764

ani 765

ani 766

ani 767

ani 768

ani 769

ani 770

ani 771

ani 772

ani 773

ani 774

Click on the gif to view on darker background.


For a more detailed exploration into the world of gif making why not visit my good friend and blogger supreme Rarasaur


6 responses to “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Water

  1. It’s hypnotizing! I stared it at for a full minute before realizing that I was intending to comment. 🙂 Beautiful photos, and nicely done on the gif! 🙂

    • Awww thanks Rara…when I get a min I want to try and make some with a whole river moving…I added a link in the post to your excellent How to Blog…If only I had thought of that…I guess having two blogs stops me throwing it all together in one….hmmmm….food for thought.

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