Paul’s Photography Challenge: Street

Such a wide open category and one I have  shot quite a lot of material for. I’m going to load up a few of them as a slideshow and maybe later on will select one or two as my choices. I find that learning to discern which ‘shot’ is the ‘one’ is a real skill when it comes to your own work and one that I personally struggle with at times. This is one of those days so I am just going to absolve myself of choice right now and load em all up.

Hope you like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 responses to “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Street

  1. Some smashing images there, Paul. I particularly like the bins and reflections and the pair of yellow chairs but the cafè patrons are fun too and the station ramp recalls Bill Brandt!

  2. Thanks Beth…what’s the Bill Brandt/Station Ramp connection? Not familiar with his work.

  3. I can relate to that agony of choosing so much! I end up in such a dither! I would have a hard time choosing from the bits you’ve shown here.

    Thanks for showing these. Somehow the “street” theme had me thinking too literally, shooting straight down some of my streets (VERY uninteresting). Now a bunch of closer in shots are popping into my mind.

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