Paul’s Photography Challenge: Catch the light

Today the sun shone here in West Yorkshire for the first time in a while…shone like it meant it.

So I took myself of out for a walk and, with the challenge in mind, to catch the light.

This was my last shot of the day.

widdop sunset web

Earlier this week I went in search of a different kind of light.

Catch the light sq web


16 responses to “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Catch the light

  1. I love them both. My minds tend to go straight to landscape…. but I’m seeing the “light” in other ways through this challenge. Very nice.

    • Thanks Gunta. I too would normally have gone for Natural light but the street challenge actually presented New opportunity’s for Catching The Light.

      • I shot a mussel shell on the beach on Friday – the nacre was gleaming in the sun and showing beautiful colours. Got the shot off the camera and you’d not know the light was there at all 😦 And, of course, we do awfully well for God Rays in Orkney but we’ve had endless days of clear skies and brilliant sunshine to contend with since you started the challenge! And no bl**dy haar yet either!

      • Yeah the Fog one has got me too.It may have to be a creative interpretation of ‘in a deep fog’ 😉

      • ha ha…in my interpretation the fog could be brought about by spending too much time in such a bar and then trying to take a photo.

      • LOL. What I need is a bank of fog and a backlight to throw my shadow and I can have a match for my shadow-on-water avatar

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