Waterscape Film Series

Digging through some old files this evening I wanted to  post up a few water themed film shots from years gone by.

Hope you enjoy them.

Sunset West Penwith,Cornwall. Pentax Me Super, Velvia Film.
cot vally

Lumb Falls, Calderdale,West Yorkshire. Pentax Me Super, Tmax 100 film, sepia tint.

Nanquidno Cove, Cornwall. Pentax Me Super, Tmax 100 film.
Rock Falls

Towards Sennen Cove, West Penwith, Cornwall. Mamiya 645, Tmax 100 film.

Out to sea from Nanquidno cove Mamiya 645 Tmax 100 filmMisty SeaTM100 mission



15 responses to “Waterscape Film Series

  1. Fantastic! Just love the Sunset West Penwith,Cornwall. I do not know about Velvia Film but wish I did!

      • You know I was just googling it- is it still sold? Its awesome! You are so talented – have you sold that photo?

      • Plenty of places here in the UK sell it still. Am sure it is available worldwide. No I haven’t sold it, nor have I tied. There are far too many better landscape photographers out there than me. Just a happy amateur shooting for the love of it.

      • You may be right. Lots of folk say they like my work but never enough for me to sell it.

      • My son sells his here in Phila and there is a big market-Also today at the camera store I saw that they put photos on canvas here and they are quite inexpensive..plus your mark- up $$$

        just sayin………….

      • Sign as in watermark? Don’t know really…just like the images to be unmarked.These are web sized files so useless for printing and to be honest I don’t look to sell my work.Have done prints for friends occasionally but the only exhibition I did I sold none.

      • Never too late- photography is so popular now with social media and Instagram….you are very good-

      • Yes right after I find one to be mine for my paintings..My entire life I cannot market myself..I guess you get it….

  2. Indeed I do…spent the last 15 years working as a community musician and following a creative path…I do find marketing myself a troubling thing, and that, along with the current economy has me struggling right now. C’est la vie.

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