Phoneography 2

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Now remember — you need not use a phone to participate in this challenge or any other challenge we share here at the Daily Post. You can use any camera you prefer.

Shoot from the hip: Grab your phone or your camera and experiment with NOT framing shots. Walk around your neighborhood, head downtown, and keep pressing that shutter button while holding the camera at hip level.

Not all neighborhood shots but all from the hip.

Abstract sea 5 web





Shoot from the heel: How low can you go? Now that you’ve taken a few shots from the hip, get even lower. Sit on a park bench, or maybe the lowest stair on your stoop. Hold the camera as low as you can and snap away. You’ll be amazed at how your perspective shifts after you’ve taken a few shots from your shoelaces.

Low down around the house.




Share your favorite perspective: Let’s open it up — as a photographer, what’s your favorite perspective to shoot from? Why do you feel that way? In the comments, share a bit about the angle you prefer to shoot from. Bonus points if you can link to a few photos you’ve taken that show off your favorite perspective.

I like to get low down for a lot of my shots. It’s just a different perspective and can make you see with new eyes. There is also something nice about lying on the earth at times. Like I somehow make a stronger connection. I really like wide angle lenses from low down. Here are a few examples of low down shots from my camera.

Zen Water



Calderdale Barn


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