I really love shooting portraits.

Here are a few of the ones I have taken that I personally like.

Have you taken any portraits? Drop a me a comment on this post and I’ll come take a look.



Angus, Mamiya C330, Fuji Neopan acros


Kelly, Pentax K20D.


Vikki,Mamiya C330, Fuji Neopan acros


Nessa, Pentax K20D

Nessa web

Ulorin Vex,Pentax Me Super, Kodak Portra

ulorin vex 1

Kelly, Mamiya C330, Fuji Neopan acros

neopan 1

Boy, Mamiya C330, Fuji Neopan acros


Francesca, Pentax Me Super, Tmax 100


Grandmother and Grand Daughter, Senegal, Pentax Me Super, Fuji Superia




8 responses to “Portraiture

  1. I’ve tried a few, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable yet with them. Need to practice more. Nice ones here!

  2. Beautiful. Kelly’s portraits are fabulous. There is something mysterious about them that I love.

    I do a portrait a week on my blog. I would be delighted if you came for a visit!


  3. I love looking at portraits. I don’t take any really, other than furtive pot shots at my husband. I think, because I so hate having a camera pointed at me, I feel embarrassed about subjecting others to that strain. Yet a part of me would love to document the people that I know or meet and images such as yours make me wish to be braver.

    One of my favourite contemporary portrait shooters is Anndra Dubhacan – do you know his work?

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