This is the Sea

Pentax K20D

All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.
Toni Morrison

I have a request for you my Blog readers. Please scroll down to the video below and press play. It’s for the sound. I was listening to this song in my head whilst creating this series of photographs. It’ll help with the context. Below is a set of seascapes, all of which were shot at the same point on the beach and over a 5 minute period. All were taken using a slow shutter speed and hand movement to emphasise the energy in the water. Abstract images that I hope convey the sentiments in the song.

This is indeed, The Sea.

Abstract sea 7

Abstract sea 6

Abstract sea 5 web

Abstract sea 4 web

Abstract sea 3 web

Abstract sea 2 web

abstract sea 1 web

‘This is the Sea’ by The Waterboys


3 responses to “This is the Sea

    • Weird about the music. I thought You Tube was universal.
      Thanks for the props on the pics though.

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