Ghost Self

Midnight at Balevullin (or Bail’ a’ Mhuilinn) beach on the Isle of Tiree. Tripod and camera set to shoot a 60 sec exposure.
I walked into the frame, stood still for about 12 secs and then walked out again. This was the result.

self 5

7 thoughts on “Ghost Self

    1. Thanks…somewhere in the depths of my memory I seemed to recall reading about spending no more than 1/5th of the exposure time in frame to create a less than solid figure…so that’s that’s what I did…I guess it worked out just fine and dandy.

  1. Thanks. Blue tint is most likely to do with the light conditions post sunset, which on Tiree was late..we were all sat on the beach at this point round a fire marveling at the available light. Northern latitudes 😉

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