Tarantellas @ Drum Camp 2014

Just back this weekend past from Drum Camp, a festival of Rhythm. Unusually for me it was work of a Photographic kind that brought me there. My partner, Mrs Dear dances with a group called the Tarantellas and this was their inaugural performance.

I was given a backstage pass and access all areas including their workshops. I have over 300 shots.

Here are a few to whet the appetite.

alan bodhran

Anne on drum

band shot

Boots and Drum





filo guitar

filo singing


nessa dancing



Festy Boots

Walkabout at Wiston

A couple of morning walks recently here in South Lanarkshire threw up some invitations to shoot.No Photoshop currently and I have noticed dust specks on these but hey ho…time to clean sensor methinks.Hope you enjoy anyway.

spot of light

shaft of light 1

wild green

rays in frame

framed rays

3 crows

Tinto Morning

Tinto and Cabins

Lit Leaf

Icy Grass

Bokeh Branch

Cornish Sea

Just back from a few days in Cornwall where I witnessed some wonderful seas in wonderful light. Here are a few shots I have edited and added my own particular signature to.
Hope you enjoy these. Probably my last post for 2013.
Thank You for following my photo blog.

All the best for the coming year to you ALL wherever you may be.

Paul x

Golden Wave

Rollin Wave

Wave and Sky

White Horses

50 shots/50

The last in the series. I have enjoyed this wee trawl through my photographic archives and to be fair I could do the execise again and post a different 50.There was never any order here. I like em all equally but this is the final shot in the series.

St Michael’s Mount, Penzance, Cornwall.
mikes mount

50 shots/49

Straight out of the camera means that this is one of my all time favourite film shots. Nothing more pleasing than seeing a negative appear as a well exposed picture. This was shot on a Mamiya 645 Super with ND filters and Tmax 100 stock. As well as being one of my favourite vies I like the picture becasue it was one of my first attempts at long exposure. Hope you enjooy it too.


50 shots/46

Derwent Water, Lake District,England.

After a very difficult night sleeping in the car with temperatures at -15, (It’s a long story) I awoke to a beautiful day. I took a lot of photos of the dawn and more as the morning developed. This one takes some beating.